The UK’s best sailing events

The UK's best sailing events

Sailing is an extremely popular sport across the world with dozens of sailing events taking place every year in the UK.  While it's not quite summer sailing weather right now, we have put together a list of just some of the best sailing events that happen in the UK every year to help you plan what to see or get involved in in 2023!

Cowes Week

Cowes Week is one of the biggest and longest running regattas in the world with more than 40 races taking place each day for around 750 different boats. The week long event welcomes all sailing abilities and takes place on the Solent. Each year, the respected event sees around 100,000 spectators come to watch the sailing and enjoy the parties and entertainment that takes place. Cowes Week first began in 1826 and now sees 8,500 competitors taking part who range from Olympic and world-class professional sailors to weekend sailors who do sailing as their hobby. It is a great one-of-a-kind 7-day event for both competitors and spectators.

Cowes Week
Round the Island Race

Round the Island Race

This sailing event attracts around 1,700 yachts and 16,000 sailors to sail around the entire Isle of Wight. Round the Island Race is one of the most exciting and unique sailing events in the UK with both amateurs and professionals sailing the 50 nautical mile course. Organised by the Island Sailing Club, the event is a one day yacht race with the course record currently standing at 3h 43m 50s for a monohull boat which was set in 2013. With nearly 200 prizes awarded across the event, competitors come from all over the UK as well as parts of Europe and the USA to take part in the race.

Three Peaks Yacht Race

This unique event combines sailing, running and cycling and is considered one of the toughest long distance events in the world. The Three Peaks Yacht Race involves teams of four and five sailing from Barmouth to Fort William with two of the crew members climbing the mountains Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis en route. The entire race equates to running 54.8 miles, cycling 40 miles and sailing approximately 389 nautical miles. For the sailing section of the race, the use of engines is not allowed, however a unique feature of the sailing rules is that teams are allowed to row. This tough, but remarkable long-distance sailing event is one not to be missed.

Three Peaks Sailing
British Classic Yacht Club

The British Classic Yacht Club Regatta

The British Classic Yacht Club Regatta is a great event if you are interested in classic boats. The week-long event takes place in the challenging waters of the Solent and is made up of a six-race series. The event is a celebration of classic yachts built from wood, steel or aluminium with some yachts being a pre-1970 design. The event is not only good fun for the competitors, but the guests and spectators of the event will also be entertained by viewing classic boats both on and off the water. With the first of this event taking place in 2002, the British Classic Yacht Club Regatta celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year.

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