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Press release: Cheltenham Ice Rink

We are delighted to announce that Cheltenham Ice Rink will return this festive season.

Visitors and locals are invited to get their skates on once again to create magical memories on the ice after plans for a new rink, powered by renewable HVO fuel and battery storage, were given the go-ahead by the council’s Planning Committee.

Running from Friday 17 November 2023 to Monday 1 January 2024 The Cheltenham Ice Rink will return to Imperial Gardens in the heart of Regency Cheltenham – reflecting the town’s historic Winter Gardens and indoor roller skating rink that once occupied a site here.

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Accredited NPORS training elevates event industry expertise

We are delighted to share some exciting news from S3K Group: we have officially achieved NPORS Instructor status!  This significant milestone underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence and industry expertise.  Our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to ensure the safety and proficiency of our workforce through high-quality training.

In this article, we will explore the importance of NPORS accreditation in the context of the event industry and how it enables us to deliver top-quality events.

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Why events are an important part of the marketing mix

As businesses compete in an increasingly crowded marketplace, finding effective ways to reach and engage with potential customers is essential. While digital marketing channels are undoubtedly powerful tools, traditional marketing methods, such as events, still pack a punch.

In this blog, we will explore why events are an important part of the marketing mix and how event crew in the UK can help businesses make the most of this valuable tool.

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Event Crew must have skills

There are so many different elements that go in to creating a successful event. One of the main considerations when organising an event is your event crew. Without your event crew, it is very difficult for your event to run smoothly.

Here we discuss the skills that event crew need to become a valuable part of an event’s successful delivery.

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Why is event branding important?

One of the many keys to success for any business is their brand. That’s why event branding plays a crucial part in creating a successful event.

Businesses hosting events should create a strong a relatable brand to give their event the best chance of success. Here we discuss what event branding is, why event branding is important and some tips to help you create a successful event brand.

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